After testing out several different software combinations over a number of months, we finally found the perfect combination for our development. We code with a number of languages (HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, etc), and our HTML5 team develops on both Macs and PCs, so we needed software that allowed us to work quickly, efficiently, and help us sync our projects so we always have the most up-to-date code. These four programs are essential to our workflow:

PHPStorm – An IDE that works incredibly well when developing for the web. With it’s simple layout, fast responsiveness, and optional advanced features, it’s an ideal software package for our use. It also connects to the other following programs we use very easily.

Bitbucket – When working on a project with a team, it is crucial to always have the most current code on your machine. Bitbucket makes managing this traditionally tedious process manageable. It integrates beautifully with PHPStorm and with just a couple clicks, the project code can be backed up or updated. Bitbucket also has a great website that can be used to see the history of the code, check statistics, and roll back changes.

Firefox – We use firefox while in development because it is available on every major operating system, has good compatibility with HTML5, and makes it easy to debug code.

XDebug – XDebug is used whenever we want to debug our PHP code. It integrates with both PHPStorm and Firefox to create an elegant, end to end debugging system.

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