We offer a fixed-fee pricing model with No VAN charges and unlimited trading partner setup.
You articulate your business rules for EDI and we build it in.

Our EDI solution includes:

• All maps included at no additional charge (x12 transaction types, cXML  or other formats)
• Support for custom workflows and processes (internal, customer, vendor or 3PL)
• Unlimited customers, unlimited vendors, unlimited users
• No equipment to purchase or personnel to hire – we are your EDI team
• We connect directly to your Trading Partners via FTP, SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, AS2
• No initial set-up fees
• No document set-up fees
• No subsequent fees for additional Trading Partners or documents
• No testing limit fees
• No VAN fees
• We set-up all trading partners for you
• Web user interface to monitor and control transactions
• Reduce or eliminate manual intervention and free-up time for productive activities
• For inbound POs, we can identify, and fix, errors such as: unit of measure, item IDs or customer part numbers, missing address information and pricing

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