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As a Prophet 21 user, you may have already experienced one of the few options available for utilizing EDI within the software: Epicor’s Trading Partner Connect, the use of an external VAN for simple data delivery, or semi-automated solutions with custom data delivery. Comparatio’s EDI solution is different, direct, fully integrated and affordable.

At Comparatio, we connect directly–no third parties are needed to connect with trading partners–and we speak everyone’s language, regardless of data format. We include any and all maps and modifications to connect to your trading partners at no extra cost, and can store and handle auxiliary data that doesn’t have dedicated fields in Prophet 21. We are constantly updating our processes to better fit the needs of our customers.

Some of our latest updates:

  • Inventory Adjustment Imports into Prophet 21
  • Support for Outbound 830s to Vendors
  • Picking Up Formatted Emails and Importing as EDI Transactions
  • Support for 210 Carrier Invoices
  • Support for Dynamically Switching Between Prophet 21 Production and Test System for Individual Trading Partners
  • Importing Sales Order Changes into Prophet 21
  • Automatic Order Report to Show Orders Received but Not Imported
  • ChannelAdvisor Integration
  • SellerCloud Integration
  • Added AS2 Compatibility Mode to Support Non-Standard AS2 Servers
  • PO List Report to Show All Sent POs to Vendors Each Day
  • Added Support for 812 Transactions
  • BillTrust Integration
  • Amazon Integration
  • Improved Handling of Invalid, Switched or Partially Missing Customer Part Numbers and/or Item IDs in Inbound Orders
  • Updated Handling of Default Contacts, Order Takers and Default Ship-to’s if Insufficient Data in Prophet 21 or Not Provided in Inbound Orders
  • Splitting up Orders for Prophet 21 if Order Lines for Multiple Locations or Ship-to’s
  • Checking Prices of Imported Orders, Comparing Them with EDI Orders and Send Notifications about Discrepancies
  • Support of 940 and 945 Transactions – 3PL Warehouse Orders
  • Full eBay Integration
  • Added Price Catalogs (e.g. 832)
  • Added Inventory Reports (e.g. 867)
  • Vessel Receipt Imports
  • Full EDIFACT Support
  • Magento Integration
  • API to Allow Remote Access in Real-Time
  • Google Distance Matrix Integration to Determine Closest Warehouse to a Customer and Automatically Set Locations

Contact us today to find out how Comparatio can make your EDI for Prophet 21 needs a reality!

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