At Comparatio, we spend a lot of time explaining the differences between our EDI processing solutions and other methods. In the simplest terms, EDI—which Comparatio broadly defines as virtually any electronic data transmission—is powerful automation. It eliminates manual-intensive processes and the errors that inevitably result.

Perhaps you’ve just recently implemented Prophet 21 at your company—or you’ve been using it for some time. If you don’t have EDI yet, you are probably wondering when it makes the most sense to launch, or whether customers or vendors should be first.

At Comparatio, we’ve had 1,000+ conversations with Prophet 21 users on the topic of EDI. As a result, we have developed a deep understanding of the situations where EDI is essential, when it may be helpful, and even when it doesn’t suit a particular company.

Whether it’s to benefit your customer or vendor relationship, we believe the following situations provide more than enough reason to implement EDI:

• Your company needs to automate processes to accomplish more with fewer people.
• You have a time-sensitive pattern of communication involving rapid-fire electronic transmissions.
• Automatic error correction is needed to simplify incoming orders, bypassing human intervention.
• A customer or vendor expresses interest, or perhaps offers an incentive.
• Complex data transmission is needed, requiring clean communication technique.
• Your customer knows exactly what they need to order.

Once your company has decided to proceed with EDI, we encourage all Prophet 21 users to consider the significant benefits of Comparatio’s EDI solutions:

• Unlimited implementation of new trading partners at no additional cost.
• Direct connection to trading partners—no VAN or other intermediary required.
• Automated error detection and correction.
• Handling of outside data formats within Prophet 21.
• Integration of custom workflows and processes.
• A direct, fully-automated approach, which comes with a simple and affordable pricing model.

Contact Us Today to address any questions you may have about EDI, including its suitability for your company and the best methods for implementation. We are always here to help!
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