Businesses have varying needs for software, but they all have one thing in common: they want it delivered fast and reliable. At Comparatio, we are able to deliver on these needs for three main reasons: our in-house framework, our team, and history.

By utilizing our new in-house Comparatio Framework based on HTML5, we can rapidly create new applications. It utilizes technologies such as Twitter Bootstrap and MySQL for database. These applications are responsive, so they automatically reorganize to look and work great on PC’s, Macs, Phones, Tablets. In addition, we incorporate PHP and MYSQL so there is a powerful backend for the apps that can support any amount of data.

Developing great applications is typically a time consuming process, but our team is able to develop very quickly. Our team has trained extensively on the framework and all the technologies it uses and has already used the new framework to create several applications. The proficiency gained allows the developers to accurately gauge the scope of a given project, and complete it within a given time frame.

Finally, having experience in writing business applications allows us to work very quickly. Comparatio has been developing applications for over a decade. Some of these include Inventory Systems, Asset Management Systems, Customer Management Systems, EDI and more. Our developers have a solid understanding of the business logic that needs to be implemented into the software.

These advantages have enabled us to create robust business applications faster than ever and we are eager to create more.

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