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What’s New at Comparatio: EDI for Prophet 21

As a Prophet 21 user, you may have already experienced one of the few options available for utilizing EDI within ...
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Four Programs We Use to Develop HTML5

After testing out several different software combinations over a number of months, we finally found the perfect combination for our ...
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Transition to HTML5

It’s clear that today there is a need to move towards platform-independent software solutions. Clients now have higher expectations for applications than ever before ...
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Rapid Development of Business Applications

Businesses have varying needs for software, but they all have one thing in common: they want it delivered fast and reliable. At ...
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How to Set Up PHP, HTML & MySQL Development on Mac OS X

The following are instructions for setting up a development environment on a Mac that can be used for HTML, PHP ...
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Common EDI Questions Answered

We had our leading expert and CEO, Jan Poehland, answer some common EDI questions our team has encountered.Your customers or ...
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