Comparatio’s EDI processing solutions makes the transfer of data quick, secure, and cost-effective. Process transactions directly into your ERP system, without the need for additional hardware or human intervention. The intuitive GUI (Graphical User Interface) allows users to add/edit new customers, vendors or 3PLs.

Process any Standard X12 or cXML Documents Without Monthly Fees

Send/Receive Orders, Invoices, ASNs, Purchase Orders

Supports Files Such as X12, cXML, CSV, Tab Delimited, EDIFACT

Custom Maps

You articulate your business rules & we build it

Send/Receive EDI Documents at Low Cost, Quick Setup

Unlimited Customers, Vendors, and Map changes included

Custom Workflows for 2PL, 3PL or 4PL Setups or Other Complex Scenarios

Intuitive (GUI) Graphic User Interface

Monitor Transactions

Support for Standard and Custom Formats

Full Support of EDI Document Exchange With Non-Standard Workflows such as 3PL


Controllable Access

No Additional Hardware Required

Requires small footprint VM on your network

Fast Implementation

No Complex Setup

No VAN Charges

Become Your Own VAN

Automatically Identify and Fix Errors

Examples: Unit of Measure, Invalid Pricing

Our System vs. the Competition

  • Connect directly to trading partners so there are no transaction fees
  • Runs directly on VM “Virtual Machine”, so no separate hardware is required
  • Automatic inbound error detection, correction and notification
  • Any custom format for sending and receiving data is being accepted
  • All traffic goes through third parties or VANs and incurs fees
  • Requires dedicated server hardware
  • No automatic notifications or error tracking for when imports fail or other issues occur
  • Unable to incorporate external data sources such as Amazon, eBay, and other custom web stores

We’re here to first understand your needs and then recommend a solution that works for you.
Together we’ll create a plan that is proactive, flexible and reponsive to your needs.

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