We offer a fixed-fee pricing model with No VAN charges and unlimited trading partner setup.
You articulate your business requirements for EDI and we build it in.

Our EDI solution includes:

• Full integration into P21
• All maps included at no additional charge (x12 transaction types, cXML  or other formats)
• Support for custom workflows and processes (internal, customer, vendor or 3PL)
• Unlimited customers, unlimited vendors, unlimited users
• No equipment to purchase or personnel to hire – we are your EDI team
• We connect directly to your Trading Partners via FTP, SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, AS2
• No initial set-up fees
• No document set-up fees
• No subsequent fees for additional Trading Partners or documents
• No testing limit fees
• No VAN fees
• We set-up all trading partners for you
• Web user interface to monitor and control transactions
• Reduce or eliminate manual intervention and free-up time for productive activities
• For inbound POs, we can identify, and fix, errors such as: unit of measure, item IDs or customer part numbers, missing address information and pricing

Comparatio EDI Capabilities

Process all Standard X12, cXML and EDIFACT Documents at No Cost

Send/Receive Orders, Invoices, ASNs, Purchase Orders, etc.

Supports Files Such as X12, cXML, CSV, Tab Delimited, etc.

Fast Turnaround

Delivery 2-3 Weeks After Receipt of Order

Send/Receive Unlimited EDI Documents at No Cost

Add New Trading Partners (Customers/Vendors/3PLs) at No Cost

Custom Workflows for 2PL, 3PL or 4PL Setups or Other Complex Scenarios

Monitor and Control Transactions Thru User Interface

Support for Standard and Custom Formats

Full Support of EDI Document Exchange With Non-Standard Workflows such as 3PL

Unlimited Trading Partners


No Additional Hardware or Software Required

Fast Implementation

We will be your EDI staff

No VAN Charges


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