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          Comparatio's integration solutions are meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of your business, offering seamless connectivity to ERP systems, eCommerce platforms, Amazon, APIs, and custom EDI integrations, all supported by our extensive and dedicated customer support.
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          Your gateway to tailored EDI software designed to meet the unique challenges and opportunities of your sector.

          Whether you’re navigating the complex landscapes of Distribution, Manufacturing, Third-Party Logistics (3PL), Retail, Food & Beverage, Construction, or beyond, our EDI solutions are engineered to propel your operations forward.

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          Comparatio stands at the forefront of innovation as a leading software provider, dedicated to elevating business efficiency with our inventory management and EDI solutions. Comparatio's commitment is to transform your operational challenges into competitive advantages, ensuring that every solution we offer not only meets but exceeds your expectations for performance and scalability. Explore how Comparatio can redefine the way you do business.
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ERP System Add-Ons

Comparatio’s modified or custom-created ERP system add-ons give users the options they need for accomplishing complex tasks. We look at your existing process, then customize, test, and implement a solution perfectly fit to your company’s needs, all while saving time and money.

Prophet 21

Make Prophet 21 work for your business with our customized solutions.
Compatible with your existing solution and easy to implement.


ERP System Add-Ons 2 -

Inventory Management

Manage inventory in multiple locations for trading partners and complex workflows.
ERP System Add-Ons 3 -

Online Order Entry

Online web order entry apps, and mobile customer order entry apps for iPad, iPhone and Android using Bluetooth scanning devices.
ERP System Add-Ons 4 -

Instant Reporting

Query multiple databases simultaneously to obtain unique reports. Can be sent automatically to users and clients.
ERP System Add-Ons 5 -

Purchase Order Management

Monitor open orders, line status, and changes.
ERP System Add-Ons 6 -


In a complex workflow environment with multiple trading partners, you can trigger shipments based on your rules and monitor drop shipment activity.
ERP System Add-Ons 7 -

Invoice Generation

Use complex business rules to generate invoices based on complete orders, full pallets, containers, or other rules you create.
ERP System Add-Ons 8 -

Automatic Ordering and Notification

Monitor inventory at multiple locations to automatically order bin refill.
ERP System Add-Ons 9 -

Custom Printing

Do custom bar code label and pick-ticket printing at multiple locations.
ERP System Add-Ons 10 -

Dynamically Link Databases

Access data for inventory and order analysis across platforms anywhere in your organization.

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Reporting & Business Productivity

Customized reporting to fit your needs, accessible anywhere you go.

ERP System Add-Ons 4 -

Generate Reports

Generate Reports from Multiple Databases
ERP System Add-Ons 9 -


Reports Can be Standard or Custom
ERP System Add-Ons 8 -


Automatic or Manual Reporting
ERP System Add-Ons 14 -


Automatic or Manual Notifications
ERP System Add-Ons 15 -

Online Requests and Data Entry

On-Site/Off-Site Online Requests and Data Entry
ERP System Add-Ons 7 -

Instant Reporting

On-site/Off-site Instant Reporting
ERP System Add-Ons 17 -


Track What Has Been Printed or Has Changed
ERP System Add-Ons 18 -

Dynamic Linking

Dynamic Linking of Databases

Quality Management

Track quality assurance and customer issues on a familiar platform.
ERP System Add-Ons 19 -

Multiple Databases

Dynamically Merges Multiple Databases
ERP System Add-Ons 20 -

Generates Scheduled

Generates Scheduled or On-Demand Reports
ERP System Add-Ons 18 -

Generates Printed, Emailed or Faxed

Generates Printed, Emailed or Faxed Reports
ERP System Add-Ons 9 -


Custom or Standard Reports
ERP System Add-Ons 23 -

Tracks Quality

Tracks Quality Issues and Customers
ERP System Add-Ons 17 -


Search for Records or Use Drop-Down Lists
ERP System Add-Ons 5 -

Database Analysis

Instant and Current Database Analysis
ERP System Add-Ons 14 -

Familiar Platform

Familiar Platform Short Learning Curve
ERP System Add-Ons 27 -


Intuitive Interface
ERP System Add-Ons 28 -


Secure Controllable Access

Pick Ticketing & Label Printing

Customized pick ticket printing in line with your business requirements.
ERP System Add-Ons 10 -

Customized Content

Customized Content for Pick Ticket or Label
ERP System Add-Ons 5 -


Ability to Filter for Your Production Facility
ERP System Add-Ons 7 -

Automatically Creates and Prints

Automatically Creates and Prints Tickets or Labels from P21
ERP System Add-Ons 9 -

Print to Any Printer

Print to Any Printer on Your Network
ERP System Add-Ons 33 -

No Intervention

No Intervention Needed


Find the best value for your organization.
ERP System Add-Ons 9 -

Small Footprint

Small Footprint Infrastructure
ERP System Add-Ons 35 -


Access Rights
ERP System Add-Ons 4 -


Flexibility in Design
ERP System Add-Ons 37 -


Standard Processes/Other Features

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