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EDI 810: Invoice

EDI 810 Definition

The EDI 810 Invoice is a digital document used by sellers to request payment from buyers. It replaces traditional paper, email, or PDF invoices with a standardized format suitable for various transactions. Managed under the x12 standard by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), it ensures a consistent approach across industries.

What is EDI 810 Used for?

Sellers send an EDI 810 to buyers after shipping an order to initiate the payment process. Upon receipt, buyers acknowledge with an EDI 997 Functional Acknowledgement. This confirms the invoice details are correct and the invoice is then processed for payment. Buyers may also send an EDI 820 in response, indicating payment details to the seller.

Key Elements of EDI 810

An EDI 810 Invoice must include several key pieces of information to be complete:

Benefits of EDI 810

Using EDI 810 Invoices offers several advantages:

EDI 810 Document Example

The EDI 810 can be presented in both a human-readable and a raw data format. This flexibility allows for easy integration with business systems, ensuring the information is accessible and actionable.

ISA*00*          *00*          *ZZ*9483750000     *ZZ*COMPARATIO     *201125*1719*U*00401*000000001*0*P*>
N1*BT*Comp Buyer*9*54321
N3*456 Industry Road
SAC*A*D240***1500**********Volume Discount
SAC*A*F050***-300**********Promotional Discount

Guide to EDI 810 Terms and Elements:

Human-Readable Example of EDI 810

This example is designed to give a basic understanding of how an EDI 810 invoice might look, including the types of information it conveys. Remember, the actual implementation might vary based on specific business needs and partnerships.

Invoice Number: INV00000234
Invoice Date: November 25, 2024
Purchase Order Number: PO123456
Invoice Total: $1,999.90

Seller Information:

  • Name: Comparatio
  • Address: 456 Industry Road, Techville, CA, 98765, USA

Buyer Information:

  • Name: Comp Buyer
  • Address: 123 Business Park, Techville, CA, 98765, USA

Invoice Details:

Item Number



Unit Price

Total Price

Product ID







Additional Charges:

  • Volume Discount: -$1,500.00
  • Promotional Discount: +$300.00

Payment Details:

  • Total Amount Due: $1,999.90
  • Payment Terms: Net 30 Days
  • Payment Method: Bank Transfer


  • Please reference the invoice number when making a payment.
  • If you have any questions about this invoice, please contact our billing department at [email protected].

Transform Your Invoicing with Comparatio

Ready to enhance your invoicing efficiency with EDI 810? Contact Comparatio today to discover how our EDI solutions can streamline your financial transactions and improve your bottom line.

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