Interested in EDI? See below, where we help answer some questions about EDI.

Q: What is EDI?

A: Any form of electronic data exchange between companies can be considered EDI. Whether the data is sent as an Excel spreadsheet, X12 transaction, CSV file, or unique proprietary format, it’s all EDI. The only exceptions are PDF files or images.

Q: Can We Do Business via EDI Between Two Different Companies in the Same P21 Database?

A: Yes, that is possible. We can treat individual companies in the same P21 database as each other’s customer or vendor, and send the full spectrum of transactions back and forth that would typically occur in such a relationship. Company #1’s purchase orders will be imported into company #2’s system as sales orders. Order confirmations, ASNs and invoices will flow back the opposite way.

Q: What is a 240 Transaction?

A: A 240 is a package status transaction, typically used by carriers like UPS to send the shipment status of individual packages. Comparatio can handle and process 240s.

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